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Mighty Crabs is a very brutal game for the whole family. Genetically enhanced crabs, equipped with bombs and paralyzing bubbling attacks, are fighting for destruction. Real-time action game for up to 4 players, simultaneously! - PLAY FOR FREE NOW.

Blue Crab Studio – Team

MightyCrabs Pascal Schmidt

Pascal Schmidt

MightyCrabs Nikolai Henzci

Nicolai Henczi


Inspired by the captivating games of his youth and the urge to make the world a better place, He soon acquired the ability to swing the brush. After countless projects, he decided to create something really big - something that should change the world: Casual games. He was finally able to fulfill the plan of his childhood: to force people to live according to his ideology - by playing childish and colorful games.

Pascal Schmidt is responsible for the entire creative implementation of Blue Crab Studio. www.pascal-schmidt.com


Characterized by the incisive experiences of a childhood without sunlight, Nicolai built his own beautiful world in the digital fields of the internet. There arose the desire to let other gamers participate in the structures of his universe. As a trained developer, he went out into the world to present his creations.

Nicolai Henczi is responsible for the entire technical implementation of Blue Crab Studio. His creative input is not that bad, too.

Blue Crab Studio

The studio

The Blue Crab Studio exists to bring happiness into the world. Our goal is to create games, which are easy to learn but hard to master. Furthermore we want to bring players back together, in times of apathetic online-gaming. Just like in the good old split-screen times.
To create such unique player experiences, our often overestimated and mad "specialists" team used highly experimental interaction-concepts.

As an indie developer and publisher of our products, we are independent and free. We are always interested in getting to know new projects and supporting them cooperatively in their development and publication. For a colorful world and bright children's eyes - even in advanced age. The Blue Crab Studio.

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